Realme 10 Certified With 4,880 mAh Battery

It might be time to focus on the Realme 10 series, which is anticipated to debut early next year, now that the Realme 9 series has more than eight members. The Realme 10’s battery capacity has been revealed through a fresh entry in the CB Test database.

Realme 10 yku

Realme RMX 3630 certification on the CB Test database

The battery capacity of the gadget, which has the model number RMX 3630 and a 4,880 mAh rating, could actually be 5,000 mAh on average, matching the Realme 9 from last year. We currently only have this one piece of information.

The identical device had previously received certification from the NBTC, EEC, and Indonesia Telecom agencies, and rumors point to a 2023 debut. We’ll keep you informed of any new Realme 10 series advancements.

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