Vivo Becomes Official Smartphone Of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

In a little under two months, Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup 2022. The football association has partnered with vivo, which will serve as the event’s official smartphone partner, for the second straight World cup.

The relationship was revealed yesterday at the unveiling of the vivo X Fold+, which took place on the same day as FIFA’s 118th birthday.

As a result of this year’s cooperation, vivo’s brand will appear in prominent advertising spaces like sideline panels, the interview backboard, and other visual displays. In exchange, the business will give FIFA World Cup workers “industry-leading” flagships to finish preparations and “support the successful staging” of the competition.

This collaboration advances vivo one step closer to achieving worldwide brand recognition. With its presence in Qatar, the firm intends to reach a global audience of 5 billion people, including 400 million active vivo users. The company has expanded in more than 60 countries and regions since 2014.

Additionally, vivo collaborated with FIFA for the 2018 Arab Cup in Qatar and UEFA for the Euro 2020 tournament (that took part in 2021 after it was postponed due to COVID-19).

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