Samsung and Google Announce Support For Each Other’s Smart Home Ecosystems

Smart home devices are becoming more popular, but users are having trouble using them due to brand compatibility problems. The Connectivity Standards Alliance’s Matter protocol intends to make it simpler to manage a smart home that includes a variety of devices from various manufacturers. Today, Samsung and Google announced their agreement to create a bridge between SmartThings and Google Home devices, marking a significant advancement towards that aim.

The multi-admin functionality of Matter, which enables many apps to connect to and control one or more devices, serves as the foundation for this bridge. This eliminates the need to remember which app controls the lights and which controls the smart speakers because a device configured in Google Home will also appear in the SmartThings app and vice versa.

Additionally, you’ll have more money to spend on the smart gadget you want rather than one that uses the same app or ecosystem as the rest of your smart home if you do this (juggling multiple apps it not ideal). You may automate and control any device that complies with the Matter protocol using either Google’s Home or Samsung’s SmartThings, depending on which software you prefer.

Here is a list of the other members of Matter, in addition to Google, Samsung, and others. Amazon, Ikea, LG, Midea, Tuya, and other companies are among them. Oppo, Huawei, and (curiously) Apple are among the other smartphone manufacturers on the list.

“Both SmartThings and Google are committed to user choice and giving consumers the power to control their own devices. This collaboration furthers that commitment by enhancing the user experience and promoting transparency between ecosystems,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President and Head of SmartThings.

In the upcoming weeks, Samsung and Google will begin rolling out support for the multi-admin functionality of Matter.

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