The Android 13 os Will Soon Be Supported By Windows 11’s Subsystem For Android

Along with Windows 11, Microsoft unveiled the so-called WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android), which aims to integrate the two operating systems more closely. Microsoft has since secretly released an upgrade roadmap for WSA, confirming that support for Android 13 is coming.

Microsoft intends to integrate a few helpful new features with Android 13 as well. One of them is a simple file transfer between Windows and the WSA container. It will alter everything since file sharing between your phone and PC will be as simple as dragging and dropping.

windows 11 android app rh

“Picture-in-picture” likely alludes to, for instance, running native Windows apps on top of the WSA in windowed mode. In contrast, “shortcuts” is a somewhat ambiguous term, and we are unsure exactly what Microsoft means by it. It might make some phone features or apps more accessible from your computer. Finally, the business has set default access to the local network.

Remember that WSA and the associated capabilities are only available in a few markets; a larger rollout is anticipated to begin in early 2023. Recent updates and additions to WSA by Microsoft include print, location + GPS, secondary display, microphone access, etc.

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