YouTube Introduces Precise Seeking, Pinch To zoom And Other Improvements

With the most recent UI updates coming to mobile, desktop, and TV, the hours you spend watching YouTube videos are going to get a little more enjoyable. They simplify navigation and allow you fine playback control.

Precise Seeking for mobile is arguably the most significant new feature; by pressing and holding on the screen, you can view a visual chronology for the video and then seek forwards and backward to reach the exact moment you need (you can see this in action below). You can also double-tap with two fingers to skip a chapter.

Another useful feature that enables you to view a specific section of the video is pinch to zoom. You could previously crop the video to fit your screen by using the pinch gesture, but now you can keep zooming in to get a closer look at something.

For those who use dark mode, the YouTube player on desktop and mobile now has an Ambient Mode function that allows the colors of the video to ooze out of the player and create a soft glow effect. Although it doesn’t completely resemble Ambilight, it does soften the contrast between the video and the background.

Speaking of dark mode, all devices—mobile, desktop, and TV—are now significantly darker. The Playlist interface has also been updated, including more information about the playlist itself along with a dash of ambient color magic.

There are a few usability upgrades at the end. While the buttons for frequent activities (like, downloading, and subscribing) were changed to reduce distraction and make them more accessible, the YouTube links in video descriptions are now displayed as obvious buttons.

Although these modifications are currently live, it will take some time for them to reach every user. Over the upcoming weeks, you ought to start noticing them.

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