Samsung Sets New Speed Record Over 5G – 1.75Gbps At 10km Distance

Samsung Electronics announced that it reached record-breaking transfer speeds over a 5G mmWave network. The tests were carried out in partnership with NBN Co. a company that is part of an AUD 750 million investment plan in Australia. NBN is using various software enhancements to get the best out of the emerging 5G network.


During the field test, the device reached 1.75 Gbps average download speed and 61.5 Mbps average upload speed. The peak download speed was 2.7 Gbps and that’s achieved over a 10km distance from the source, which is the most impressive part.

Samsung and NBN say that the new milestone is an important step in the development of 5G networks not only in dense urban areas but in rural ones too. The successful tests show that the 5G network has huge potential in the future.

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