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Samsung Promises To Be Even Faster With Updates Next Year

Google published Android 13 on August 15; two months and almost ten days later, on October 24, Samsung distributed the first One UI 5 upgrade based on Android 13 to the Galaxy S22 family. And ever since, the Korean manufacturer has upgraded a wide range of equipment.

As a result, Samsung’s rollout of One UI 5 was the quickest ever. The Korean business also deserves credit for making an effort to support as many devices as possible, rather than merely focusing on a few flagships this year and leaving mid-range devices until 2023. It still hopes to perform even better the next year.


Today, Samsung released a blog post in Korea boasting about how quickly One UI 5 was distributed to as many devices as possible and assuring us that it aims to distribute future One UI updates even more quickly and to more devices at once.

Software updates are finally top priority for Samsung, as they should be, even though that’s not an actual, concrete pledge; we have no doubt the firm intends what it says. In a matter of a few years, it moved from being one of the worst Android OEMs when it comes to upgrades to one of, if not the best. Now, it appears that it intends to continue making improvements, which can only be good for its customers.

Along with the Galaxy Z Fold2, Samsung also disclosed that the Galaxy A52s 5G and Galaxy A32 will be the next devices to receive One UI 5 and Android 13 by the end of the year. By the end of this month, the Galaxy S20 and Note20 families will receive a global rollout of the new software.

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