“Samsung” Is The Most Commonly Used Password In 2021

Anyone who is familiar with computers must have needed to select a password. Complex passwords are notoriously more difficult to crack. To make the password more secure, several apps and websites even mandate that users add digits, capital letters, or even symbols. Others say that the password ought to contain a minimum amount of letters. You may find it interesting to learn that some people choose passwords in a rather careless manner. Some people use their names or birthdate as passwords. These are extremely simple to figure out. But did you know that some people use the names of organizations as their passwords because they are too lazy to choose one? Yes, one of the most popular passwords is “Samsung.”

According to a study by Nordpass, a provider of password management solutions, “Samsung” or “samsung” is one of the most frequently used passwords in at least 30 countries. This compromises the security of millions of users worldwide.

The worst threat isn’t using your favorite brand of phone, TV, or appliance as a password, like “Samsung.” But in recent years, it has become more and more fashionable as a fad. In 2019, the password “samsung” is ranked 198. However, it has also been moving up the rankings, moving out of the top 100 last year and climbing to 189th in 2020 and 78th in 2021.


According to reports, “password” is the most used password, being used by close to 5 million individuals. The passwords “123456,” “123456789,” and “guest” are also often used. It turns out that “samsung” is not the only brand password that a large number of users across the web use. There are several other well-known brands, including Tiffany, Nike, and Adidas. Some auto fans have been discovered using “kia” and “mini” as codes.

There doesn’t appear to be much of a difference in security depending on whether users use uppercase or lowercase “samsung” for passwords. Recent claims claim that a basic and predictable password may be decrypted in less than a second. Additionally, various outcomes are obtained when combining lowercase and uppercase letters with integers. It can take about 7 seconds to decipher a 7-digit code made up of all these components. However, it would take about 7 minutes to decode an 8-digit code.

It’s best to avoid using “Samsung” or “Samsung” when making a new account, membership, or other type of arrangement. This is due to the password being the most predictable and crackable.

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