OnePlus Commits To Four OS Version Updates For “Some” Of Its 2023 Phones

Some of OnePlus’ 2023 phones will now receive five years of security upgrades and four major OS version updates. At a roundtable session in London, the company reaffirmed its new promise, but it did not specify which phones will be covered by the new update policy.

According to rumors, the OnePlus 11 and subsequent flagship phones from the company will take advantage of the new extended software support. Gary Chen, the head of operating systems for OnePlus and Oppo, stated that security upgrades will be released every two months.


From the OnePlus 8 forward, current OnePlus number-series devices receive three OS version updates and four years of security fixes. While OnePlus N-series phones only receive a single OS update and three years of security patches, older number series phones like the OnePlus 7 and more current Nord series devices receive two OS upgrades and three years of security patches. The only other Android manufacturer, Samsung, promises up to four updates for its new flagship models.

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