More Nokia Phones Are Now Getting The Android 13 Update

Like other mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia takes good care of their products. The first devices to get the Android 13 upgrade were the Nokia X10 and Nokia X20. The Nokia G50 and Nokia XR20 were the next smartphones to release the Android 13 upgrade. According to information posted in the Nokia community, Nokia Mobile has started releasing the Android 13 update for the Nokia G50 in some nations and areas. This update’s version number, V3.200, has been made public. The update is 2.26GB in size and includes the November 2022 security patch.

Some Nokia XR20 owners have also received the Android 13 update, though Nokia doesn’t seem to have officially verified it’s been released yet. The November 2022 security patch level is also included in this release, which is designated V3.220. This model’s upgrade weighs in at 2.30 GB, which is a little more.

The update range of Android 13 this time is not very large, mainly including:

  • Optimize the theme application icon in the application
  • Photo app can choose to share videos and photos for which there is access
  • Optimized the application’s notification permissions
  • Introducing new media controls, a new media player with a fully displayed album art and a play bar.

Nokia mobile phones Android 13 upgrade plan

The majority of Nokia phones that are eligible for an upgrade have already been updated to the Android 12 operating system, and Nokia Mobile has already started preparing for the upcoming round of Android version updates. The Nokia X10 and X20 will be the first set of devices to receive the Android 13 update, according to an official announcement from Nokia. Users of the Nokia X10 and X20 in the Netherlands have started to receive the Android 13 update from Nokia Mobile. The capacity is 2.26GB, and the version number is 3.360 [direct download link provided]. The security patch from November is also included in this update. There are rumors that Chinese Nokia phone owners may soon start to promote it as well.

Eligible Nokia devices for the upgrade include:

  • Nokia G10 – Android 11
  • Nokia G20 – Android 11
  • Nokia G50 – Android 11
  • Nokia X10 – Android 11
  • Nokia X20 – Android 11
  • Nokia XR20 – Android 11
  • Nokia T20 – Android 11
  • Nokia G11 – Android 11
  • Nokia G11 Plus – Android 12
  • Nokia G21 – Android 11
  • Nokia G60 – Android 12
  • Nokia X30 – Android 12
  • Nokia T10 – Android 12
  • Nokia T21 – Android 12

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