MIUI 14: Full List Of Xiaomi Devices That Will Get The New Update

One of the longest life cycles in the annals of Android skins was Xiaomi’s MIUI 12. An incremental update to the 2020 version, known as MIUI 12.5, was released in 2021. The same year, a new “Enhanced” variant became available for some devices. Xiaomi switched to the MIUI 13 upgrade after that protracted existence. Since the most recent update was released about a year ago, Xiaomi has made great effort to update the majority of its products to the current version. Since the most recent update was released about a year ago, Xiaomi has made great effort to update the majority of its products to the current version. The mill has been churning out speculations about a MIUI 13.5 for the past several months, but more recently, we have been stunned by rumours that there won’t be an incremental update this time. Without providing MIUI 13 with any form of incremental update, Xiaomi will soon release MIUI 14.

MIUI 14 – Xiaomi’s next big update

There is currently no specific release date for MIUI 14. According to some, it will debut simultaneously with the upcoming Xiaomi 12T series, while according to other reports, the business will hold off until the Xiaomi 13 series debuts. The corporation may not release the impending upgrade till the end of the year despite the lack of clarity surrounding the launch date. Developers and fans have discovered MIUI 14: Launch date and a list of Xiaomi devices that will receive the new upgrade as a result of the impending release. Inside a few Xiaomi system programs, MIUI 14 is already mentioned a few times.

There are rumors that the new Xiaomi MIUI 14 will feature a new design language with occasional upgrades. That’s unquestionably a wonderful improvement; after all, MIUI 13 didn’t make any significant changes to the MIUI 12 interface. According to sources, MIUI 14 will have a new system for quick settings and notifications, doing away with the outdated control center that is similar to iOS. The business will also release a new media player that resembles Android 13. Some System applications, including the Clock and Calculator, will also receive some refreshments. However, we anticipate that the list of new features will grow as the release date approaches. However, you might be wondering now which gadgets are receiving the latest update.

The list of devices that will receive the latest version has already been made public. Of course, this could change given the present state of MIUI 14. In any case, you can already tell for sure if your gadget will receive it or not. Let’s quickly review the devices that will be receiving the updated software.

MIUI 14 – list of eligible devices

Xiaomi / Mi devices

  • Xiaomi 13 Pro – yet to be revealed
  • 13
  • 12
  • 12 Pro
  • 12X
  • Xiaomi 12 Ultra
  • 12S
  • 12S Pro
  • 12S Pro Dimensity Edition
  • Xiaomi 12 Lite
  • 12T
  • 12T Pro
  • Xiaomi 11T
  • 11T Pro
  • Mi 11 Lite 4G
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G
  • 11 Lite 5G NE
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 LE
  • Mi 11
  • Xiaomi Mi 11i
  • 11i
  • Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge
  • Mi 11 Ultra
  • Mi 11 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 11X
  • Mi 11X Pro
  • Xiaomi MIX 4
  • Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2
  • Civi
  • Xiaomi Civi 1S
  • Mi 10
  • Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G
  • Mi 10S
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
  • Mi 10 Lite
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite Zoom
  • Mi 10 Ultra
  • Xiaomi Mi 10T
  • Mi 10T Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 10T-Lite
  • Pad 5
  • Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro
  • Pad 5 Pro 5G

Redmi devices

  • Redmi Note 11
  • Note 11 5G
  • Redmi Note 11 SE
  • Note 11 4G
  • Redmi Note 11T 5G
  • Note 11 Pro 5G
  • Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G
  • Note 11S
  • Redmi Note 11S 5G
  • Note 11 Pro 4G
  • Redmi Note 10 Pro
  • Note 10 Pro Max
  • Redmi Note 10
  • Note 10S
  • Redmi Note 10 Lite
  • Note 10 5G
  • Note 10T 5G
  • Redmi Note 10T Japan
  • Note 10 Pro 5G
  • Redmi Note 9 4G
  • Note 9 5G
  • Redmi Note 9T 5G
  • Note 9 Pro 5G
  • Redmi K50
  • K50 Pro
  • Redmi K50 Gaming
  • K50i
  • Redmi K50i Pro
  • K50S
  • Redmi K50S Pro
  • K40S
  • Redmi K40 Pro
  • K40 Pro+
  • Redmi K40
  • K40 Gaming
  • Redmi K30S Ultra
  • K30 Ultra
  • Redmi K30 4G
  • K30 Pro
  • Redmi Note 8 (2021)
  • 10C
  • Redmi 10A
  • 10 Power
  • Redmi 10
  • 10 5G
  • Redmi 10 Prime+ 5G
  • 10 (India)
  • Redmi 10 Prime
  • 10 Prime 2022
  • Redmi 10 2022
  • 9T
  • Redmi 9 Power
  • Note 11E
  • Redmi Note 11E Pro
  • Note 11T Pro
  • Redmi Note 11T Pro+

POCO devices

  • POCO M3
  • M4 Pro 4G
  • POCO M4 5G
  • M5
  • POCO M5s
  • X4 Pro 5G
  • POCO M4 Pro 5G
  • M3 Pro 5G
  • POCO X3 / NFC
  • X3 Pro
  • POCO X3 GT
  • X4 GT
  • POCO F4
  • F3
  • POCO F3 GT
  • C40
  • POCO C40+

When the update will arrive?

The Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro will officially ship with MIUI 14, according to rumors. The update will therefore be announced in November. By December or January 2023, it’s likely that updates will begin to roll out to other devices. This journey will be lengthy given the length of the list. The MIUI 14 upgrade for the majority of handsets may come in the form of Android 13.

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