Realme 240W Charging Technology Officially Unveiled, Expected on the GT Neo5 in February

Realme has finally announced the 240W fast charging, just three days after live photographs of the company’s 240W charging brick surfaced online. The charging method is advertised as the quickest smartphone charging method currently in mass production. The highest charging power that the USB-C interface supports is the 240W rating.

A three-way 100W charge pump parallel design with a 10V 24A output and 20V 12A input is used in the new charging method. The charger offers a charging conversion efficiency of up to 98.5%, the business further suggested.

The charging system uses a 240W dual Gallium Nitride (GaN) adaptor, giving it the highest peak power density in the industry—2.34W / CC. The charger is just 5% bigger than the 150W charging adaptor from the previous generation, but having a higher rating. There is only one USB-C output port on the adapter.

The adaptor will come with a specially designed 12A charging cable that was made with 21AWG thicker copper wires, the highest quality in the business. The carrying capacity of the cable is 20% higher under this new standard than it was under the previous one.

The 65W PD, QC, and VOOC protocols are backward compatible with the Realme 240W SuperVOOC protocol. It is verified that the Realme GT Neo5, the first handset to make use of 240W fast charging, will go on sale in February. The smartphone features the largest 6580mm2 graphene phase heat dissipation material in the industry, 13 built-in temperature sensors, PS3 fireproof design support, and a real-time safety monitoring system.

Additionally, the business claims that after 1,600 full 0-100% charging cycles using Realme 240W rapid charging, the battery’s effective health is over 80%. According to Realme, there is no safety failure with the phone at 85°C high temperature and 85% high humidity after 21 days of charging and discharging.

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