WhatsApp Proxy Support Is Now Available To All Users Worldwide

Users who unintentionally select “Delete for myself” instead of “Delete for everyone” on a message can now undo the action, thanks to a function that was made available to users last month. Now that another feature has been released by WhatsApp, its users can continue to communicate even when it is private or restricted. The business today announced that WhatsApp now formally supports Proxy. This will enable customers to continue using WhatsApp even if their connection is banned or disturbed.

“We are aware that just as we welcomed the beginning of 2023 through a private text or call, there are many individuals who are being robbed of the chance to reach their loved ones owing to internet shutdowns,” stated WhatsApp in a blog post. To assist, we are introducing proxy support for WhatsApp users everywhere today. This implies that we are giving users the ability to continue using WhatsApp even if their connection is banned or otherwise compromised.

If WhatsApp is prohibited in your nation, you can use a proxy to stay connected and talk with friends and family, according to a tweet from the official WhatsApp Twitter account. End-to-end encryption will still be used to safeguard private communications when using a proxy connection to WhatsApp.

“We continue to fight for your right to communicate freely and privately. Now, when connecting to WhatsApp directly is not possible, you can stay connected around the world through a server set up by volunteers and organizations dedicated to helping others communicate freely”, another Tweet states.

End-to-end encryption will still be used to protect your private communications and phone calls. This means that it remains private between you and the recipient of the message and is not viewable to anybody else, including proxy servers, WhatsApp, or Meta.

For support of WhatsApp Proxy, users can update WhatsApp to the most recent version. WhatsApp Proxy support can now be found in the Settings menu for users using the most recent version of the application.

“Our wish for 2023 is that this internet shutdown never happens. The disruptions we’ve seen in Iran for months are depriving people of human rights and preventing people from getting immediate help. However, in case this shutdown continues, we hope this solution will help people wherever secure and reliable communication is needed”, the company added in the blog post.

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