Elon Musk Teases UI Changes & New Features For Twitter

Elon Musk just said that Twitter will soon be introducing new features while also making adjustments to its UI (User Interface). Here are all the specifics after the billionaire tweeted a tease about it.

The microblogging website’s CEO and owner said that the platform will undergo significant updates. Later this week, Musk will launch a new feature that will let users switch between suggested and followed tweets on their timelines. Although the CEO did divulge these details, there has been no indication from Musk of what this functionality will actually look like.

It is also unknown if this would be available only through the Twitter mobile applications or if it will even be made available through the web client. Elon added that the company would even be launching a significant redesign of the user interface soon. Another significant modification is the addition of a Bookmark button to the UI’s Tweet details section. Although it has been possible to bookmark tweets for some time, the procedure usually required several steps.

A week after the launch of the new features, Twitter will begin to roll out these UI updates. Last but not least, the company intends to introduce the eagerly anticipated functionality that enables users to compose lengthy tweets. Early in the following month, Twitter will implement this feature. However, at this time, there are no further details available on this issue.

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