New Details Emerge on Samsung Galaxy S23 Pricing – Price Hike, Others

The Samsung Galaxy S23 leaks are still going strong. The S23 Ultra’s whole spec sheet recently leaked, giving us all the information we needed to know about Samsung’s premium flagship. However, the pricing information was not disclosed in that incident.

Well, it’s not like there have never been any price leaks. News of a model’s price increase gave us an idea of how much we would have to pay for one of the devices. The pricing information for the whole lineup has now been leaked by a mobile provider.

Price Hike in Other Regions

A recent report claims that Australian customers would pay more for the Galaxy S23 series. There will be a 100 AUD increase in the cost of each model. For all the models, that corresponds to an increase in price of roughly $70 US or €65.

What about the areas of Europe? The “boringly flawless” Galaxy S23 phone will likely cost €959 in Europe for the 128GB model and €1019 for the 256GB model.

The S23 Plus, on the other hand, is expected to cost €1219 for a 256GB storage capacity and €1339 for 512GB. Last but not least, the S23 Ultra is said to cost €1419 for 256GB, €1599 for 512GB, and €1839 for 1TB. Therefore, a price increase for the entire series is expected to occur in the EU zone.

Galaxy S23 Series Price Will Likely Be the Same in The USA

The US version of the Galaxy S23 phones will not suffer a price increase, according to the recently discovered carrier price leak. According to Verizon’s specification sheet, the standard device will cost $799.99, the S23 Plus will start at $999.99, and the S23 Ultra will cost $1,1999.99.

Now, all of this pricing information reflects the S22 series’ initial pricing. This indicates that a price increase for the US versions is unlikely.

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