Twitter Blue Is Now Available As Annual Subscription Too

In December, Twitter Blue was reintroduced following the debacle caused by a number of phony accounts impersonating celebrities and businesses throughout the world, which caused turmoil. In addition to the monthly membership, the platform also offers a yearly one.

The monthly fee, for instance, is $8 in the US or $11 if you use iOS, while an annual fee of $84 would give you a blue badge for a whole year. That amounts to roughly $7 per month, which isn’t much of a savings, but it is something if you are a “hardcore” user and intend to continue paying the fee.

In case you’re not aware, Twitter Blue also grants you a thread reader, priority ranking in discussion replies, a 60-minute video upload limit, and the ability to edit tweets in addition to the blue verification badge.

The service is currently only offered in a few number of nations, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. In the upcoming months, a wider expansion is anticipated.

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