Google Chrome For Android Now Lets You Lock Incognito Tabs

Today, Google revealed that Chrome for Android users would be able to lock Incognito tabs using their fingerprints, PINs, or patterns. A new feature for Chrome For Android was unveiled by the firm in a blog post. Users may now lock their Incognito sessions when they close the Chrome browser.

Users must provide biometric authentication is order to use this functionality in order to continue an interrupted Incognito session. Google is now spreading this out to Android users, and it is already available to all Chrome users on iOS. In case you forgot, Google Chrome has had the ability to lock and unlock incognito tabs since 2021, but it was only available on Chrome for iOS. Google is now expanding the feature to include Android smartphones.

How to lock Incognito tabs in Google Chrome For Android? 

In Google Chrome, utilize this option to lock Incognito tabs. Users using Android smartphones, tablets, or other devices must check a box in the Google Chrome settings.

Turn on the setting “Lock incognito tabs when you close Chrome” by going to Google Chrome Settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

When you close the Google Chrome app and open it again later, a splash screen with an unlock tab button will appear. It will prompt you for authentication when you tap the button, using whichever method you regularly use to unlock your device. Your fingerprint, PIN, or pattern may be used. Your public tabs will continue to be open to everyone.

For people that share their device with others and don’t want someone peeking at the websites you are browsing, this option could be useful. Google claims that it is still in the process of spreading out to all Android smartphones, so don’t worry if you can’t see it yet.

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