Galaxy S23 Phones Do Not Support An Important Android 13 Feature

Since Android 13 is already pre-installed on the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S23 flagship devices, seamless updates ought to be possible (A/B). Theoretically, this function is necessary for Google’s permission to exist. However, the reality is rather different.

Updates can be installed in the background while devices are in use using seamless updates (A/B). Only a quick restart is required. As a result, while the update is being installed, the devices may still be in use. Without the user’s involvement, the procedure is over. When something goes wrong, the previous status can always be returned. because the update requires a different disk to install.

An essential Android 13 feature is not supported by Galaxy S23 smartphones

Even before the Galaxy S23 handsets are generally available, the initial testers have been able to establish that the A/B updates are once again not supported. That has me speculating. Why is Samsung permitted to defy Google’s policies?

Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be a compelling argument against using this function. especially considering that the vast majority of modern smartphones now come equipped with 256 GB of storage memory as standard. Additionally, the CPUs found in smartphones have improved greatly, making it possible to manage numerous tasks at once.

Google would require virtual A/B support for GMS licensing on handsets running Android 13 out of the box, according to earlier speculations. This indicates that Android 13 devices from manufacturers like Samsung and Oppo should now support Seamless Updates after several years of lagging behind the competition.

For those who are unaware, Google used an A/B segmentation approach to speed up software upgrades with Android 7.0 Nougat. The support for dividing some partitions into separate “A” and “B” partitions has increased by the company. Your active partition is the one you are now using. While a brief reboot can move the active partition to an update that was running in the background.

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