Microsoft Brings AI To Windows 11: Talk with It Directly from Taskbar

One of the businesses that believe ChatGPT and similar technologies will revolutionize the world is Microsoft. Bear in mind that it was the first to contribute $10 billion to the endeavor. It was thus able to use AI to power the Bing search engine. It was revealed today that Windows 11 would soon receive a new significant update with some AI-powered capabilities.

Windows 11 Gets AI Support

Users must be enrolled in the Bing AI preview program for this. Users of Windows will be able to access the new capabilities of Windows 11 via the taskbar’s search box. It ought to be a better iteration of what we saw in Bing AI on Edge. By this, we mean that Windows 11 users will be able to ask natural language inquiries and receive pertinent replies in addition to performing standard web searches. If you missed this, you should join Microsoft’s waitlist for access.

Microsoft made a really wise decision by doing this. It serves no purpose not to include the OpenAI tool in Windows as it has the legal right to use it in its browser and other products. After the update is released, users of Windows 11 won’t need to use Edge in order to communicate with ChatGPT. Now they can do that from the taskbar’s search bar.

Almost half a billion people use the search box on Windows each month, making it one of the most popular features. With the new typable Windows search box and new AI-powered Bing at the center of this experience, you’ll be able to discover the answers you’re seeking for more quickly than before.

In any case, the company showcased Bing AI on Skype and its mobile apps a week ago. Even though Google has demonstrated its own AI-powered chatbot, it is 6 times more expensive than a standard search. Google must therefore continue to consider how to make it more useful. Microsoft can use this as an opportunity to promote its browser and search engine.

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