Most Realme Phones This Year Will Support 33W Charging or Faster

Realme is a pioneer in smartphone charging technology; it was the first to introduce a 150W phone in 2022 and the first 240W phone this year. These successes in the high end, though, shouldn’t eclipse the company’s efforts to make rapid charging accessible to all consumers.

At least 90% of Realme models that are sold worldwide by 2023 are expected to allow charging at a rate of 33W or greater. The business previously achieved that goal in the $250–399 price range, but this will also include more affordable phones.

Realme is still the only firm to have released a phone with 65W charging in the $100–$149 price bracket (the Narzo 20 Pro in 2020), according to statistics from Counterpoint. Furthermore, it will be the market leader in this price range in 2022 with 85% of its phones supporting fast charging. The 85% statistic, however, uses a liberal definition of “rapid charging”; Counterpoint set the limit at 10W.

Not really that quick, is it? The minimum will increase to 33W thanks to Realme’s new commitment for all devices excluding the most basic ones.

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