Google I/O 2023 Will Be On May 10th

The I/O conference, which Google hosts every year, will start on May 10th. It will be “broadcast in front of a limited live audience and is open to everyone online,” according to the firm, and you can sign up to attend right away.

The main expectations for this year center on all of the artificial intelligence technology that Google is creating. Expect updates on Bard, Google’s ChatGPT competitor, as well as additional tools for creating pictures, writing code for mobile applications, and testing product prototypes.

Typically, the conference is where we’ll learn more about the upcoming release of Android, which Google has already previewed for developers, as well as hear about new hardware. There is a ton of opportunity for speculation because Android and Chrome can now be used on screens of different sizes, from wrists to TVs and everything in between.

There are rumors that during the keynote, we’ll learn more about the Pixel 7A and the long-rumored Pixel Fold. It’s also possible that we’ll learn more about the company’s upcoming tablet. That final one feels almost certain given that the event invitation resembles a tablet almost perfectly.

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