Apple App Store Adds Unlisted App Option

Apple’s App Store now accepts unlisted apps. These will only be found through a direct link and will not be accessible to the general public on the platform. Apple intends for these apps to be used by a small group of people, such as employees, students, or conference attendees, and they will be available through Apple’s School Manager and Business Manager platforms. Apple’s App Review staff will still have to approve unlisted apps.

Unlisted apps must be “ready for final distribution,” which means no betas or pre-release releases will be accepted. Developers who want unlisted versions of their apps that are already on the App Store will simply need to submit a new request for an unlisted version.

Before completing the unlisted request form, apps only approved for the Apple Business Manager or School Manage platforms will need to complete additional procedures like as creating a new app record in the App Store, uploading the binary, and then setting the distribution mode to Public. Apple also advises developers to include a feature in their apps to prevent illegal use.

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