Apps That Drain Most Battery & Take Most Storage: Recent Study Reveals

Findings of a rather interesting study surfaced online, courtesy of pCloud. This study revealed which popular apps are most demanding, drain most battery, and take up most storage on your devices.

The study doesn’t mention a specific platform, so chances are it’s for both iOS and Android. That being said, pCloud shared several different infographics, showing the most demanding apps in different ways.

pCloud says Fitbit & Verizon are the most demanding apps on your phone and memory
Let’s talk about the most demanding apps on your phone and memory, shall we (image below the paragraph). The top two apps on this list are Fitbit and Verizon. pCloud claims that both apps permit 14 out of 16 available features to run in the background, and don’t permit a dark mode to help save battery life.

pCloud most demanding apps study image 1
It is said that these features allow these apps to automatically sync updates, contacts, track your location, and run other demanding background tasks. Both of those apps have a score of 92-percent on pCloud’s list.

Fitbit and Verizon are followed by Skype and Uber with a score of 87-percent, while BIGO Live, Facebook, and Airbnb follow them with 82-percent. Instagram is in eighth place with 79-percent, while a bunch of apps stand at 77-percent.

The next infographic shows the top 20 most demanding apps. pCloud says that this test is based on “a score of how much activity each app demands”.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & more permit a lot of extra features to run in the background
It is said that, on average, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn permit 11 extra features to run in the background. The source also says that features such as photos, WiFi, location, and the microphone all run in the background of the apps which demand more from your phone and battery.

It is also said that apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and Grinder also allow on average of 11 features to run in the background. pCloud says that location tracking is one of the most demanding features that run in the background of all three dating apps.

Study says that travel apps take up most storage space
The third infographic that got shared (image below), shows that travel apps take up most storage space. Travel and transportation apps such as United Airlines (437.8MB), Lyft (325.1MB), and Uber (299.6MB) take up quite a bit of storage space.

Ryanair (109MB) and Jet2 (47.3MB) take up considerably less space. Microsoft Teams (232.2MB) is also quite demanding in that regard, while it is noted that Zoom (82.1MB) and Skype (111.2MB) are less demanding.

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