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Nokia Announces Layoffs Amid 20% Revenue Slump

Nokia, a leading Finnish tech company specializing in telecom network equipment, has recently reported a significant 20% dip in sales for the quarter. In response to this challenging financial situation, the company has announced a substantial workforce reduction, affecting over 14,000 employees, which accounts for more than 15% of its total workforce. The decline in…

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Zoom Slapped with 115 Million Rubles Fine by Russian Court for Omitting Local Office

In a recent legal development with significant implications for foreign tech giants, Zoom, the renowned video conferencing platform, has been handed a substantial fine of 115 million rubles (equivalent to $1.18 million) by a Russian court. The Magistrate Court of the Tagansky District of Moscow delivered this verdict on October 17, 2023, asserting that Zoom…

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