Chrome vs Edge: Is Microsoft Edge better than Google Chrome yet?

Do you think Microsoft Edge is better than Google Chrome yet?

Google’s Chrome is indisputably the most popular browser on both mobile and desktop. But Google’s hold over the Internet and users’ concerns against being tracked online in sophisticated ways has led many to search for alternatives, and Microsoft’s Edge browser is one of the primary substitutes. While its growth can be tied to the fact that Microsoft is heavily promoting Edge to Windows 10 users, it’s hard to deny that the browser hasn’t gotten really good. It’s received many new features since it became a Chromium-based project. With all these advancements, do you think Microsoft’s browser may have the edge over Google Chrome?

Over the last few months, Microsoft Edge has received several new features. Ahead of the Build 2021 developer conference earlier this week, Microsoft announced key new features coming to the browser, including Sleeping tabs that fixes Chromium’s RAM-hogging tendency, new themes, and a Startup Booster, which Microsoft claims makes Edge the fastest browser on Windows. Other than these, Vertical tabs on Edge let you streamline your workflow while a Kids Mode helps parents prevent their children from accessing any inappropriate content.

Like on Windows, the Edge browser has a rich suite of features on Android. Edge 91 for desktop recently added new features to help people save money while shopping online, and this feature is also accessible through an experimental flag on Edge Canary for Android. Recently, Microsoft also added a built-in screenshot and markup tool on Edge for Android to take screenshots on webpages, edit the screenshots, and share them via other apps.

With all of these additions to Microsoft Edge, it has become a compelling alternative to Google Chrome. Features such as Sleeping tabs and Startup Booster also make it better for systems with limited resources. With these transformations, do you think Edge can be your default browser any time soon?

What do you think about advancements in Microsoft Edge? Has it overtaken Google Chrome in your mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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