Finally! Windows 11 Is Getting A New Volume Indicator

After nearly a decade of waiting, Windows now has a new modern volume indicator. The black bar that appears when you increase the system volume with a keyboard or other device, which was first introduced in Windows 8 in 2012, is finally going away. It will be replaced by a volume indication that complements the general style of Windows 11.

Volume, brightness, camera privacy, camera on/off, and airplane mode indicators will all be upgraded with a more modern design soon. “These new flyouts will show when you touch the volume or brightness keys on your laptop, and will honor light/dark mode to provide you a more consistent Windows experience,” says Amanda Langowski, Microsoft’s Windows Insider leader. “With the upgrade, the brightness and volume indicators are still interactive.”

In addition to this design change, Microsoft is allowing Windows 11 users to preview a new call experience in the Your Phone app. According to Langowski, “this update features a new in-progress call window with updated icons, typefaces, and other UI modifications that fit with the enhanced style of Windows 11.”

For all Dev Channel testers, the current Windows 11 preview build, 22533, provides an extend of touch keyboard themes to the emoji panel and elsewhere. There’s now an option to delete the Clock app in Windows 11 if you’ve always wanted to.

Some of these updates may be delivered to Windows 11 on a monthly basis, as Microsoft has moved away from giving a major annual upgrade for its current OS. The software company has not stated when these new functions will be available to all Windows 11 users, although they are expected to arrive later this year.

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