Galaxy S22 Only Has 25W Charging And You’ll Need To Purchase A Charger Separately

After a slew of rumors and leaks, Samsung has now confirmed that the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra will boast 45 W rapid charging. That’s still not up to par with what other firms plan to provide in 2022, but it’s a step in the right direction for Samsung. While other firms experiment with 120W, 125W, 165W, and even 200W charging, Samsung lags far behind. At the very least, the Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra will not charge at the sluggish 25 W pace that prior rumors suggested. With the Galaxy S22, however, this will not be the case. With the exception of Apple, the most basic smartphone will continue to fall behind what most flagships offer today.Samsung appears to believe that maintaining a “Apple-like” profile for its flagships will suffice.

Samsung Galaxy S22 will still have 25W charging
In terms of charging, the vanilla smartphone will be comparable to Samsung mid-range smartphones, according to a report from Nieuwe Mobiel (via GSMArena). With this charging pace, the Galaxy S22’s 3,700 mAh battery will be fully charged in about 70 minutes. Surprisingly, the battery capacity is 300 mAh lower than the Samsung Galaxy S21. Samsung may compensate for this with the Exynos 2200 SoC’s more efficient 4 nm manufacturing. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will use 45 watts of power to charge its 4,500 mAh battery, which will take about 60 minutes.

Another aspect that will irritate some users is that Samsung is intentionally leaving the chargers outside of the boxes of its smartphones. Despite the mockery directed to Apple for releasing the iPhone 12 without a charging adapter, Samsung quickly followed in Cupertino’s footsteps. It started last year, and it appears to be getting worse this year, with none of the gadgets including a charging adapter. So you’ll have to buy it separately if you want 45 W charging on your Galaxy S22 Plus or Galaxy S22 Ultra. When you consider that the latter will cross the $1,100 barrier, this is quite intriguing. While charging adapters are still included with mid-range phones, they are not included with flagships in order to “preserve the environment.”Of course, it’ll only be a matter of time before all brands abandon the bundled chargers. After all, why would a company that does this not be successful?

On February 9, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S22 series at its Galaxy Unpacked event. However, there are reports that the two first smartphones will be delayed in going on sale.

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