Google Assistant Prepares New UI Design, New Mic Sounds

Google Assistant has come a long way since its earliest days on Android. New advancements like Continued Conversations have made it possible to issue multiple commands without repeating context or wake words, with answers appearing in a single thread. A new update to the Google app on Android makes it easier to read Assistant’s replies in the app without squinting at tiny text.

Assistant has long used speech bubbles to communicate back and forth with users on Android. As spotted by Tech Mansion, the app is moving away from bubbles in its new UI, relying on larger bolded text to highlight the current conversation chain while minimizing previous responses. Not only does this present a cleaner interface when using Assistant, but it also makes it much more legible. Even in the screenshots below, it’s immediately apparent how this font change improves the experience.

It doesn’t seem like this UI is quite ready for primetime just yet. As with most of Google’s updates, it’s only available to a select group of users running the latest version of the app. Even if you’re one of the company’s lucky testers, the modified text doesn’t always appear. Any response that delivers a card, like the weather, reverts to the smaller font.

This is yet another way Google is working to make Assistant look better on your smartphone. If you want to try your luck at getting this new look, make sure you’ve updated your Google app using the Play Store link below or by downloading the latest version at APK Mirror.

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