Google Message App Now Let’s You Schedule Text Messages

Google has recently added a new feature to their messaging app that now allows users to schedule text messages…..
The recent feature allows users to schedule a message for “tomorrow 8:00” (morning), “tomorrow 13:00” (afternoon) or “tomorrow 18:00” (evening). It also allows users to schedule text messages at a custom date and time.

Your phone will need to be switched on and have an active connection to the outside world for these scheduled messages to be sent—you’re delaying the sending of the text from your local device, rather than having it wait in the cloud or on a server somewhere, so bear that in mind.

As for third-party chat apps, you won’t find message scheduling in apps like WhatsApp or Signal, but it is available in Telegram: Hold down the Send button (the blue arrow) to find the Schedule Message option, then pick a date and time for the message to be sent.

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