Google Photos Adds Review & Delete, Storage Saver Rename

At the start of June, the Google Photos storage policy change announced last year will come into effect. Ahead of that, Google Photos is rolling out the promised “review and delete” tool and a renamed “Storage saver” tier.

Update 5/28: “Manage storage” is now widely rolled out on Android, iOS, and web — through this direct link. However, Google has yet to rename “High quality” ahead of the upcoming June 1 deadline.

Original 5/24: Tap your profile avatar in the top-right corner of the app and select the “Account storage” progress bar to open the new “Manage storage” page. Also accessible from the “Back up & sync” menu, you can “Review and delete” the following types of media with Google noting how much space they’re taking up in your account:

Large photos & videos
Blurry photos
Other apps
Selecting one will surface “photos & videos that count towards your Google Account storage.” The company is reminding users today that existing ‘High quality’ photos and videos are exempt from this upcoming change.

Any photos or videos backed up in High quality before June 1, 2021, will not count toward your Google Account storage. These photos and videos will remain free and exempt from the storage limit.

You’ll be able to select media and delete to reclaim space going forward. Google Photos is rolling out the “review & delete” tool from today onwards. This is in addition to the existing personalized estimate that Google provides on when you’ll run out of storage.

We estimate that more than 80 percent of you should still be able to store roughly three more years of memories in High quality with your free 15GB of storage. As your storage nears 15GB, we will notify you in the app and follow up by email.

Meanwhile, Google Photos is renaming “High quality” backup tier to “Storage saver” to make the options “easier to understand.” There is no underlying or technical change in quality.

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