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MTN Users: Do You Know You Can Get 1.5GB For N300? Here’s How

Trying to buy an MTN data plan isn’t a problem at all. Yes, you can dial the short code * 131 # on your phone or even call the customer to purchase any tariff plan associated with the 300 tariffs for 1 GB.

But using one of the above methods will make you more money. Now, if you didn’t know, MTN has compiled a list of plans that include 1.5GB for 200, 1GB for N200, 2GB for 500 Naira, and many more.

Approximately 1.5 GB of 300 Naira data plan
Surprisingly, all MTN users can buy this cheap data plan for as little as N300. Imagine you download 300 Naira to your phone and immediately get a whopping 1.5 GB.

And the fact that you can travel the MTN 300 with a 1.5 GB data plan using your Android smartphone, iPhone, and other portable devices in your favorite browser.

This dataset was released just a few weeks ago and is still small. Yes, you may not know what is the right fit for this great package.

I found out to myself the day I received a message from MTN about special data packets designed for me. And guess what the MTN 300 data plan for 1.5GB of data worked for the friends and fans I shared with.

MTN 1.5 GB For code 300 Naira To activate the tariff plan
Follow the instructions below exactly:

Just dial * 121 * 1 # on your phone.
You will then see a list of the best data trades available to you. Usually from 1 GB for N200 and MTN 300 for 1.5 GB, 500 for a tariff plan of 2 GB or more…

You can choose this package of activation instructions. To do this, simply dial * 121 # on your phone, select TopDeal4Me from the menu and it will take you to the next page where you can purchase your preferred data plan.

Select your chosen tariff plan and you are ready to surf the Internet.

Mtn 300 for 1.5 GB data expiration and expiration Now you might be wondering; How much is 1.5GB MTN for 300? The answer is simple.

Depending on the offer available to you, it may be valid for 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, or more …

You can also find out the actual amount of data you receive. Follow the instructions in this post. to check MTN data balance faster.

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