Samsung Announces Jeans With A Dedicated Galaxy Z Flip3 Pocket

Samsung has just released a pair of jeans with a dedicated Galaxy Z Flip3 pocket in collaboration with Dr Denim. It is designed to accommodate the latest clamshell foldable and is worn on the right hip. All other pockets on the pants, however, are either stitched shut or completely removed.

Samsung asks, “Who needs big pockets?” in a press release, and has decided to do away with them because “they take up too much space,” “don’t look stylish,” and “the latest phones slip and slide inside them.” While we aren’t fully convinced by those claims, having a separate pocket for a foldable phone like the Galaxy Z Flip3 does make sense.

“Who needs pockets” says the speaker.

The combination costs $1,499 and includes a free 128GB Galaxy Z Flip3 in one of the four original colors: Cream, Black, Green, or Lavender.

A quick look at Samsung’s website reveals that this is the foldable’s true price, implying that buying through Dr Denim nets you a complimentary pair of bespoke jeans.

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