Samsung Updated Over 300 Devices In May

Samsung has been super serious about security for a while now, that much has been clear. But digging into the actual numbers behind its rollouts is nothing short of an awe-inspiring experience nowadays. Over the last 30 days, the South Korean giant and its partners pushed out updates for around 350 devices in total.

Talk about consistency, eh? Though of course, every regional variant of a given Galaxy smartphone or tablet counts as a separate product here. For legal and practical reasons, Samsung often delegates the logistics required to deploy these updates to its local representatives.

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? Not being at constant risk of a well-documented hack or three?
As of today, pretty much the entirety of Samsung’s mobile portfolio has been brought up to speed, security-wise. To the point that you would seriously struggle to find a Galaxy device that hasn’t been running the May or April security patch, at worst. And yes, that even applies to Americans who appear to have finally caught some luck in the form of two relatively time releases in a row.

Meanwhile, the June 1st 2021 update is already underway since last week, as is tradition. Expect a detailed write-up of its contents in the days ahead and try to remember what firmware is your Android-powered Galaxy device supposed to be running every once in a while. In case you haven’t noticed, we have even put out a convenient tool to help you toward that exact goal; there it is, on the sidebar!

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