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Xiaomi phones with unlocked bootloader won’t get HyperOS updates

Xiaomi introduces stricter policies for devices with unlocked bootloaders, particularly those running the new Android skin, HyperOS. In a recent statement, Xiaomi declared that devices with unlocked bootloaders, regardless of the operating system (HyperOS or MIUI 14), will not receive updates. The company cites security concerns as the primary reason for these measures. Key Points:…

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Redmi Note 13 5G Clears NBTC Certification in Thailand, Global Launch Imminent

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 13 series, which made its debut in the Chinese market in September, is gearing up for a global launch. The latest indication comes from the Redmi Note 13 5G securing certification on Thailand’s NBTC (National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission) database. The global variant, identified by model number 2312DRAABG, has successfully passed the…

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MIUI 14: Latest Upgrade Brings a Ton Of Improvements

Chinese company Xiaomi worked very hard to improve the user experience and smoothness of their Android skin. The MIUI operating system from Xiaomi is one of the best Android skins available. Even while some might disagree, the company has millions of honorable MIUI consumers who won’t accept anything other than the MIUI operating system. The…

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