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Tecno Announces World’s First Smartphone Telescopic Macro Lens

Tecno teased its sensor shift IS technology for smartphone cameras in mid-December, and now the company is announcing a telescopic macro lens that promises to improve not only the quality of macro shots, but also the overall experience of taking them.

As shown in the video below, this is a telephoto macro lens that extends from the body and allows you to take close-up shots without having to get too close to the subject. According to the company, it has a 5x optical zoom and the end result is comparable to that of the main camera. That’s something we’ve never seen before with current macro cameras. The technology also allows for a larger aperture, which is essential for taking good photos.

Furthermore, Tecno claims that the design is quite compact and does not require a large housing, but does not provide any details.

The company did not specify when we can expect a Tecno smartphone with the new telescopic lens, but it will be this year.

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