The EEC File Shows Apple’s Next-Generation MacBook Pro Equipped With The

Last year, Apple announced its new M1 chipset as part of Apple Silicon, which is a proprietary processor series based on the ARM architecture. Since then, the technology giant has released several Macs equipped with the M1 chipset. There are rumors about a new MacBook based on the new M1X chipset.

According to the latest data, a new MacBook model with a new M1X chipset appeared in the Eurasian Economic Commission document. The list was originally two devices discovered by Consomac, the models are A2442 and A2485.

It is worth noting that there are several models on the list, but most of them are only related to the next macOS update coming this fall. Only two models, A2442 and A2485, are new and do not match the brand’s existing range.

Recently it was reported that the new MacBook device may be officially released in September this year and will go on sale in October. To be safe, we must wait for new news or announcements from the company.

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