Twitter Suspends All Ads in Russia & Ukraine – Limits Misleading Content

Twitter Inc announced today that all advertising in Russia and Ukraine has been halted. The company is working to ensure that all advertisements on the site do not detract from the impact of public safety messaging. On Thursday, Russia launched a specific military operation against Ukraine. The situation between Russia and Ukraine is tense right now, and Twitter is merely trying to be cautious. It will be extremely difficult to distinguish between true and false information. This is why Twitter has taken the simple way out and banned all advertisements from both locations.

To minimize the dissemination of false and abusive content, Twitter will not display adverts in certain markets and will limit tweet suggestions from accounts they have not followed that appear in users’ timelines. As part of its efforts to fight problematic content that flooded the internet during the battle, Twitter has stated that it was “watching emerging narratives of violations of Twitter’s rules.”

Meanwhile, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is fact-checking and identifying posts from Russian official media. As a countermeasure to Meta, the Russian government announced earlier on Friday that it would partially ban Facebook’s use in the country.

As a countermeasure to Meta, Russians have imposed restrictions on the use of Facebook in the nation. Moscow confirmed yesterday that it will impose restrictions on Meta’s use of Facebook. Facebook is accused by the Russian government of “censoring” state-run media outlets. On Twitter, Meta’s head of global affairs, Nick Clegg, remarked

“Russian authorities instructed us to suspend independent fact-checking and labeling of content posted to Facebook by four Russian state-owned media groups yesterday,” the statement reads. We turned down the offer. As a result, they’ve indicated that they’ll be limiting access to our services.”

When it comes to managing misinformation, Meta has been heavily scrutinized. Any content that the firm regards to be false or partially false is presented to fewer users, according to the corporation. “Regular Russians utilize Meta’s apps to express themselves and organize for action,” Clegg said. The corporation expects them to keep doing so.

There is currently no concrete information on what kind of restrictions Russia will place on Facebook. However, as a form of retaliation, Russia cut down the pace of Twitter last year. A Russian mass communication regulator, Roskomnadzor, issued a statement.

“Starting February 25, limited access restrictions on the Facebook social network will be enforced by Roskomnadzor in compliance with a decision of the General Prosecutor’s Office,” Roskomnadzor said.

Meta, on the other hand, will not be punished by Russia for the first time. Meta is regularly fined by Moscow for failing to remove unlawful content soon enough.

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