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WhatsApp Now Lets You Leave Groups Silently

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WhatsApp will soon allow users to leave a group without informing other members. Ideal for those who do not wish to remain anonymous. A preview will be added to links posted in chats as well.

When a user leaves a WhatsApp conversation, a notification displays in the chat informing the entire group. It’s aggravating for members of huge groups who are occasionally spammed, as well as those who want to leave quietly. You don’t have to tell everyone you’re moving!

However, leaving a group conversation without informing others will soon be feasible. It is WABetaInfo, which examines application betas, that informs us today.

Soon, leaving a group without informing the other members will be possible. Only the admins will receive notification. That’s a nice thing. Remember that a WhatsApp group can have up to 256 members. As a result, statements like “John has left the conversation” are frequently spammed into large-scale debates.

You can now leave Whatsapp groups without being questioned.
According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will also add another feature to its app: previews when sharing a link. Only the URL displays in the chat today, so you’ll have to click to learn more or guess based on the wording. Users will now be able to see a short preview, similar to an image, of where they will be going. Something that other texting systems, such as Messenger or Discord, already had, but which WhatsApp lacked.

When can these two features be used? That is the most important question. WhatsApp never informs about upcoming new features, although they should surface in a future version.

These were the reactions to the texts that arrived on the service not long ago. They’ve been in testing for a long time, but finally everyone can try them out. As a result, WhatsApp continues to improve in modest ways in order to satisfy users who are becoming increasingly enticed by competition.

WhatsApp users have recently gotten Reactions. The functionality was first announced on April 14, along with a number of additional improvements that should be accessible in the following weeks.

You can use Reactions to swiftly reply to WhatsApp messages with emoji. Users will be able to rapidly express their emotions without flooding the conversation with additional messages, according to the creators. As “Reactions,” six different emojis are initially available: the well-known “like,” folded hands, a heart, and faces – laughing, sobbing, and astonished.

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